Kids Insight is registered with the Care Inspectorate to provide afterschool childcare for a maximum of 90 children across two venues (The Ogston Hall and the Clubhouse, Currie Rugby Football Club). The service is provided for children from P1 to P7. We are also registered to provide holiday childcare between the hours of 8.30 and 5.30pm.

Our aim is to provide a fun creative environment where children feel safe and valued as individuals. We operate from the Club House in Malleny Park (These premises are owned by The Currie Rugby Football Club). We offer a flexible service to meet the varying needs of parents which includes:

The service runs in Balerno on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (on Fridays children can be collected from Deanpark primary school by our staff and taken to our Currie service). We collect the children from Dean Park Primary school and accompany them to the Clubhouse, Malleny Park. We were keen to deliver Kids Insight from this venue as it allows us space for more active play and provides access to fantastic outdoor areas so we can all enjoy the fresh air! This venue is a significant local landmark and is located in the heart of our beautiful countryside.